{An} Unsinkable Soul book

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22 Inspiring Bounceback Stories and Reasons to Keep Going

Authored by Antoinette Sykes with Contributing Author, Lisa Smith

This fine literary collection of women authors is the answer to readers struggling with life challenges.

Quite frankly… life happens! In {An} Unsinkable Soul readers will find stories by purpose-directed authors who have learned to bounce back from life’s challenges, creating Unsinkable concepts they have come to live… as dynamic and transformational experts who want to lead others to a better place in what we call LIFE!

{An} Unsinkable Soul was written to provide and encourage readers to look differently at life challenges, and in bouncing back from them… to continue moving forward. At the end of the day, readers will find hope and love in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Each author’s story is different, but shaped in such a way that readers will find lessons, strategies, guidance and empowerment to live more fulfilled and meaningful lives. Look at the author list and you will find it reflects a panel of well-respected and highly sought after experts in the self-help, peak performance, life and success coaching in a “real- life” industry!

The mission and message of {An} Unsinkable Soul is paramount to other women, leaders, service professionals and entrepreneurs – more now than ever before – by acting as change agents for people who are seeking to find their purpose, be inspired and bold enough to meet life’s challenges face on, and be Unsinkable on that journey. Whether your challenge is recovering from the topsy-turvy economy, job losses or budget cuts, or reeling from a natural disaster or poignant personal moments and losses that will never make the news… the book remains an evergreen resource to help you heal, bounce back and find yourself… Unsinkable!

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BONUS #3: Ebook of Bounceback Tips from the authors of the book compilation
This eBook is an insightful and inspiring sneak peek at what’s to come in the full collaboration.  Without a doubt, the work being done by my co-authors is commendable, ground-breaking, and healing. Our world is hurting and this book can offer healing, help and heart-felt services to change that!  (This bonus will be emailed to you as a downloadable MP3 file at the address provided on your order.)

BONUS #4: Signed copy of the book by contributing author, Lisa Smith

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