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Before working with Lisa, I had tremendous setbacks and hits to my financial advisory practice. It affected my mindset and clarity of vision. It was easy to fall into a bad mood, which affected everyone around me.

When I talked with Lisa, she hit the nail on the head with some negative beliefs I realized I was holding about success.

While working with Lisa, I was made aware of the power of thought and the power of my intentions. My beliefs were toxic. Through her techniques, procedures, and coaching, I was able to uncover my limiting beliefs, shift mindsets and remove or drastically shrink my limiting beliefs with business and life. Lisa gives you the tools and teaches you how to find and clean out the clutter in your head.

Since working with Lisa, I’ve seen a dramatic shift in my mindset. I don’t seem to get crabby over small setbacks with business and life. I feel much more excited about the future and progress with myself and my business. I’m not as reactive with my business, bur more proactive. I look for the opportunity in everything. She also taught me to be okay with setting boundaries around my time and clients’/prospects’ expectations of my availability. I have a better schedule and routine that allows me to be more focused during my work hours, more consistent with follow-up, and have time for important things in my personal life, such as working out and time with my wife and friends.

I’ve stopped procrastinating so much, and wasting my time talking to people who can’t help me grow my business. In the last month, I have talked to more and better-quality prospects about working with me than I had in the previous 3 months, and my business and production growth has been tremendous.
Other benefits I’ve notice since working with Lisa and using tools like hypnosis and EFT are that I am much “cooler” in the head and body with situations. I don’t get irritable and frustrated easily. If I do, I’m able to shift focus onto solutions to problems instead of complaining about the situation. I feel more easy and forgiving with myself. I’m able to move on and focus on the big goals.

I am so glad that I took a leap of faith and decided to work with Lisa. If you want to be successful and have an edge in your business or life game, I recommend that you work with her, too.

UPDATE:  August 2016

I have continued to improve my results, not only in my business but also my workouts. I sometimes get out of my routine of daily hypnosis and EFT, but it doesn’t take me long to get back into it to keep me focused and productive. Things are continuing to fall into place, and I’m excited to report that last month’s income was as much as I ever made in a whole year!

Daniel Smith, Investment Advisor, Virginia Beach,VA
May 2016

Lisa has helped me in so many ways. My whole coaching experience with her is pleasant and I can say that I’m very satisfied with how she handled me as her client. There was never a day or session with her that I felt I was not getting all the attention I need. I always get her 100% focus and what I love about her is she is very attentive in listening to what I have to say.

Overall I’m not just very satisfied but I’m also very happy with the outcome of my coaching with Lisa. At the same time I’m also very happy with my progress because I learned a lot from Lisa’s coaching and hypnosis. She has given me valuable tools to help me with future anxiety, overwhelm, overload, negative emotions, etc. At this point I know I’m still a work in progress, but I’m not worried at all because I know Lisa has taught me how to be organized, disciplined and prepared to face any circumstance or obstacle that will come my way. And though I have rested from Lisa’s coaching I am not left empty handed because I have Lisa’s CDs to listen to and inspire me to reach my business goals one step at a time.

UPDATE:  June 12, 2012

I just listened to and worked through the [Morty Lefkoe] program. First, I have to say that I was amazed when we hit upon this “I’m not good enough” belief that I have and can actually relate it to numerous situations throughout my life. Just having you notice it and acknowledge that it has been a core issue for me and bringing it to my attention feels like a great burden was lifted. When I started the video tonight, the feelings were not nearly as strong as they had been before you and I worked on it. After working on this tonight, it really feels like the feeling of “I’m not good enough” is not going to be an issue for me.

Brenda Hudgins, Virginia Beach, VA

My partner Bob and I had started a handyman business with no planning whatsoever. We simply started passing out business cards and flyers promoting our business. When we started getting clients, we made up minimal systems processes as we went along, with no thought to detail, thoroughness, legalities, proper business conduct or business forms. We were trying to earn some income through self-employment but had no goals or plans as to how we would accomplish this. We had little income or savings to get us going.

I tried doing everything by ourselves without any professional guidance. This led to “crisis management” in which we were constantly putting out fires because we had no QC measures in place. We had no consistent pricing system, so there was a lot of confusion among our clients as to what we would charge and how long the fees were good for. We lost some good clients as a result of our sloppiness and lack of good business procedures and follow-through or follow-up. We did not come across as professionals or as people who knew what we were talking about.

With Lisa’s help we have developed a follow-up system, a consistent method of pricing jobs, a list of clients, a list of referral partners, as well as multiple templates that we use for e mail reminders, invoices and follow-up requests. Lisa provided us with nearly all of the forms that we use now. With her help, we now have happier relations with our customers as well as more comfortable relationships with other entrepreneurs and business partners. Lisa got me to write an e book (our 1st) and 2 newsletters. She has directed us towards free or inexpensive forms of advertising as well as educational venues that we would benefit from. She provided us with a “business” hypnosis CD that puts us in a better frame of mind and keeps us thinking positively about our future. She gives us constructive criticism and pats on the back when we deserve it. She has directed us to various resources for future business planning as well.

Thanks to Lisa we now use a consistent and reliable method for reaching clients and for relating to business partners. We have daily goals and tasks that we use consistently. Our client list is slowly growing and we no longer accept any job that is offered to us. We are able to be more selective about the work/tasks that we choose to do. We have a more professional public “face” now than we did before working with Lisa, which she really worked on helping us grow through developing quality control guidelines, and have a customer satisfaction rating of over 90%. Our website is cleaner and better edited than it used to be. We are also making more money!!! This includes a few $2k-plus weeks (that used to be what we made in a month).

The best thing about Lisa is that she was readily available to assist us in responding to the initial crises as they cropped up. She is extremely professional in handling delicate business relations and situations and discussing them with us. She always compliments us when we do well. She spends a great deal of time thinking of resources and venues for us and proving us with direct contact information so that we don’t have to spend the time locating it for ourselves.

She is the best business coach I can imagine having! I don’t think any other professional in this type of work would spend the amount of time that she has helping us be successful. I believe she truly cares about people and wants to see us make it, not just take money from us and tell us what to do. Now that we have completed our initial 6 months with her, we have decided to continue working with her to keep us moving forward.

If you want a coach who cares genuinely for your success, Lisa is your GO-TO coach!

Jo Sandlin White, Virginia Beach, VA

I have been a client of Lisa Smith and Life by Design for 6 months. Lisa’s support has allowed me to look at myself and my business on a level that was much deeper than I imagined. She has a very unique way of making you feel supported and encouraged while holding you firmly accountable.

She helped me to change my attitude and my behavior in a way that has led me to a new stage of productivity. I made a commitment to doing what it takes to grow my business. Once I made that commitment and began using the tools that Lisa provided, I found it much easier to do the things that I did not like but were necessary. I am excited about what lies ahead and I’m not so afraid of the unknown.

Lori M. Hobson

It has been a great experience working with Lisa. She has helped me to set clearer goals, stay focused and most importantly strategies to conquer procrastination. She is extremely organized and professional and accommodating to my schedule. I really enjoyed her spot check calling to keep me accountable! I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for a boost in the right direction.

Paul Ariola
Dale Carnegie Training

I had been trying to market my company, using all of the conventional methods, with no success. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing any results — after all, I was doing all the right things that are supposed to bring clients right to my door, right? WRONG!

I finally decided I needed some advice on what I was missing, so I began asking people if they knew of a successful business coach. Lisa’s name kept coming up so I decided I would call and ask if she could offer me any advice or suggestions. Lisa was extremely helpful and forthcoming with information I hadn’t considered before. She truly went the extra mile in offering suggestions when I wasn’t even officially a client!

The first of many things I learned is that, for coaches, the conventional methods just will not work. Lisa told me the exact areas I needed to focus on in order to increase my client base. It wasn’t long after our first meeting that I began picking up new clients and seeing a definite increase in my business. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing. Lisa has so much to offer those interested in getting their businesses off the ground and growing.

She not only offers excellent business advice and continued support, she also helps you keep your stress level down with various methods such as hypnosis and EFT. I have never been better!

Whether you are a new business trying to get off the ground, or you have an older business already well established, I would recommend Lisa without hesitation! Make an appointment with Lisa to see how she can help you and your business, as she did mine.

Sylvia Christian
Virginia Beach, VA
Women2Women Career and Life Coaching

Before I started working with Lisa, I felt like I was running around in circles putting out fires and reacting instead of planning. Unorganized and unable to focus clearly on anything, I kept falling into the same old routine – which is what I was trying to get control of. I would just become exhausted and feel quite defeated in all aspects of my business and personal life. I was in desperate need of restructuring my business, getting focused, and determining the best direction for my business…in other words, I needed to regain control over my life…

I came to Lisa in need of coaching and it turned out to be the exact thing I needed in order to regain control! She keeps me focused, has given me techniques to help me move into a positive, productive direction. I am slowly taking small steps towards large goals until they have been completed.

In addition to the guidance from coaching, I have used hypnosis, EFT, and other techniques Lisa has taught me to enhance my results. Each added element seems to build on the previous and helps me to gain more control over all aspects of my life. These techniques are irreplaceable – I can’t imagine not utilizing each of them in my daily life.

I’ve gone back to my journaling (that she taught me to stick to), and seeing where I was 3 years ago and where I am now it’s quite amazing. I know I could not have made the progress in my business and my personal life without her help and guidance.

I am now confident that I can achieve whatever goals I choose as long as I follow Lisa’s techniques and keep taking consistent steps toward them.

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone – and I have!

Missy Marcus
Owner, MMA ProfessionalBookkeepingServices

I came to see Lisa to reduce or eliminate my habit of procrastinating from doing work. It was really starting to have a negative impact on my business. I always thought that I had to “make” myself do things even if I didn’t want to or they seemed hard. Dealing with this issue seemed like something that I should be able to overcome on my own, but, it was too hard and I never could do it.

Working with Lisa gave me the encouragement and tools necessary to help fight the habit. She taught me time management strategies, hypnosis, and EFT. The hypnosis and EFT were the most effective. I felt immediate improvement, even after only one session. Although I still procrastinate from time to time, I am much, much better than I ever was before. I also know if it gets out of hand again, I can start listening to my hypnosis CDs and use the EFT to get it under control.

Lisa provides a lot of information, giving you the tools you need to succeed in changing how your mind thinks. The whole process is very professional—not in any way cheesy or mystical or hokey. Lisa is very understanding; she doesn’t judge and doesn’t have any biases. She truly seems to care about making a lasting impact and change. I would highly recommend using her services.

Virginia Beach, VA

Prior to working with Lisa as a business coach, I had been spinning my wheels in all directions trying to figure out which strategies would be most beneficial in order to advance my Virtual Assistant business. I had no clue and felt like I was just feeling my way in the dark with no specific goal or direction.

I had observed Lisa helping many others regain direction, not only in business but in their personal lives as well. She had already helped me kick the habit of smoking (smoke-free since March of 2009) so I decided to give her a chance to see what she could do to help me be more focused and decide what direction I needed to grow my business.

She has given me various tools to use in order to remain focused…many specific ideas and steps I needed to implement in order to see a major change in my company. I was a tad skeptical at first, but through her help and direction, I have seen a noticeable increase in people wanting to know more and asking my advice on their own businesses!

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone needing focus…personally or professionally.

Debra Gorham
CEO, Virtual Reality

After feeling stagnant for years, not only with my career direction but also in my personal life, I decided I had to do something to make a change or I was going nowhere. I was not being held accountable by anyone, not even myself. I was unable to focus on any one particular thing to pursue. I was unable to get motivated which frustrated me even more. I needed to become more disciplined, learn how to set goals.

I decided to give Lisa a try and she changed my life around completely!

From our very first meeting, Lisa was very attentive and listened to what I had to say very intently. By doing so, she was able to tap into what drives, excites and motivates me in order to have that as a focal point. By focusing on how I felt when I did accomplish goals I would set, it added to my enthusiasm and motivation in achieving them.

She suggested I start out setting some short-term goals and she had me write them down. She helped me understand that by not only thinking about them, but actually seeing them written down, it would give me the motivation I needed to achieve them and serves as a reminder as to where I want to be. From the list I began, I have been able to accomplish most of them over the past 30-60 days!

What I did not expect to happen was the excitement I feel now that I know what drives and inspires me! I get excited just talking about the feeling of accomplishment and that just adds to my ability to take action.

I highly recommend that anyone who needs that breakthrough but are not sure how to go about it, work with Lisa to at least find out what’s holding you back and how you can get past it. Lisa, you have opened an entirely new life for me, and I’ve already begun writing my book.

MRB – Norfolk, VA
Age 24
Assistant Project Manager