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You have gained access to receive an amazing opportunity to learn, experience, and be guided through a simple yet powerful technique that can truly change your life, as it has for mine and hundreds of thousands of people (including children) throughout the world. That is no exaggeration. It has miraculously helped war veterans suffering for years with PTSD; Rawanda genocide and atrocity victims; the students, family members, school staff, and first-responders in Newtown, Connecticut, and many others suffering from trauma.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also helps with less severe emotional challenges, habits, pain & physical ailments, weight loss, etc.  (You can learn more about EFT by clicking here)

EZtapping is a highly effective and easy-to-use program that will walk you through 5-minute daily tapping sessions. This one-month free trial will give you access to all the topics in the library for you to try out. Topics such as anxiety, insomnia, body image, weight loss, pain, money & prosperity, procrastination, stage fright, and more.
The EZtapping programs are designed to help you achieve a variety of goals, quickly and easily! It is so simple to get started and because tapping every day is important to achieve the highest benefits, you’ll receive daily reminders to take these important 5-minute self-care breaks. You will find it convenient to walk through the easy instructions any time of the day or evening that is best for you.
EZtapping Will Help You:
· Reduce stress
· Address limiting beliefs
· Remove emotional blocks
· Feel better
· And more!
I just know you are going to be delighted with the benefits you’ll receive from working through these daily tapping sessions. You can get started right now by following these steps:
2.  Click on the login button on the top right
3.  Click on the “New Users Register Here” button
4.  Enter your information, choose a password, and time of day you want to receive the email reminders, and click Save
5.  Enter the following Program Key: mteztapping1w then click Save
6.  Click on any program title to start
7.  Daily, click on the link in the reminder email that will be sent to you, log in from your desktop or smart phone, and immediately start any program (EZtapping tracks when you use each program)
If at the end of the week you would like to continue to have access to the program, please contact me. You can choose to subscribe and continue using them for as little as $15/mo. or a one-time fee of $50 for 6 months or $100 for a year. You can also choose just one program to work with, versus the whole library, at a lower rate and for as long as you want. Just ask me how.