Too often, we put off assisting ourselves with challenges, hoping they’ll just resolve themselves on their own, denying the amount of negative impact they are having on our lives, feeling ashamed that we can’t “solve it on our own,” or staying stuck in the idea that no one can help us. But all these “put-offs” do is deepen the problem and keep us stuck in a less-than-satisfying situation.

Why continue with the same issues haunting you day in and day out? Book a no-cost, no-obligation, one-hour consultation with me (in person or by phone/Zoom) TODAY!

Why Do You Offer A FREE Consultation?

First of all, I want to thank you for considering me to help you with your efforts to make some important improvements in your life. You’ve taken the first step toward a possible way to accomplish this by inquiring about my services and setting up a consultation to talk more. Often, hypnosis (and the other techniques I use) is a “last resort” for people, but turns out to be the final solution.
Your Past does not have to equal your Future. You CAN change your situation. Stephen Covey (one of the foremost experts on success and author of The “7 Habits” books) once said, “Your amount of success is in direct proportion to your ability to ask for help.” No one can know everything, which is why people who learn to turn to experts to assist them in their journey are more likely to get what they want out of life. And living to our fullest potential is the biggest goal we should strive to attain.

Why Do You Ask for a Credit Card# to Book a Consultation if it’s a FREE Consultation? That Doesn’t Seem to Make Sense.

Just as doctors and dentists have cancellation requirements and charge you for missed appointments, so does my practice. Our time is valuable, as is yours. I have a busy office and see many clients each day and week. Therefore, I have a limited amount of time per week to schedule consultations. Therefore, I select requests wisely and only schedule those who are serious about talking with me and who I think I can help. If an hour of my time is taken up with a reserved appointment and the person doesn’t show up or cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice, that time is lost to someone else who would have needed or wanted it but couldn’t have it.
As long as you complete the appointment or cancel at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time, there is no charge for the consultation (emergency situations are considered). It must be completed with a credit or debit card and can be given over the phone by calling my office (stored securely electronically) or during the booking you make yourself with the calendar link provided below.

What Happens in the FREE Consultation?

Our 1-hour consultation, along with the questionnaire you complete beforehand, will allow me to learn what your specific goals and challenges are, if you are a good candidate for using hypnosis or one of my other techniques, and help determine the best course of action, the type and number of sessions, and the frequency I would recommend to better assure lasting results.

I have helped thousands of people with the issue(s) you are probably dealing with to learn to think, feel, and respond differently. You can learn to do this, too, and hypnosis is one of the tools I can use to help you. I also use other techniques and tools to accomplish this, some of which you can learn to use for yourself.

How Many Sessions Will I Need? How Much Does It Cost?

The number of sessions recommended and the cost would be determined by the information gathered in the consultation. I offer a variety of programs that fit most budgets. I do not charge a flat hourly rate, and often add support resources in addition to my time in sessions to improve results, so we need the consultation for me to be able to answer your questions fully, assess YOUR specific needs, and give you some program and cost options.

Also be aware that there are a number of factors besides cost to consider when deciding to work with a professional for hypnosis or other self-improvement services. These include the experience of the practitioner, their education, their accreditation, how they work, their specialty(ies), the type and number of sessions recommended, their success track-record, your motivation to change and receptivity to the techniques used, additional support provided (personal contact between sessions, reinforcement recordings, teaching you tools to use on your own, etc.). Price-shopping without having a clear understanding of who you’re working with and what you’re getting is doing yourself a disservice.

What Is Your Success Rate? Can You Guarantee Results?

There are so many variables in determining a “success rate” for the various issues my services can assist with. Some results can be clear-cut and measurable, others can be more subjective. The time element considered for something to be categorized a “success” also has to be tracked (is someone still holding on to the change in a month, 6 months, a year? Has the hypnotherapist followed up with their clients for a period of time after the end of the sessions?) Ask them how they determine their success rate.

When people ask my success rate for quitting smoking, I tell them it averages 75%, and that is based on several factors: people commit to the program I recommend for them after the consultation, use the tools as I instruct them to, attend all their sessions, give me feedback through our time together so I can modify what we’re doing as needed, and they respond to my check-ins to confirm at least a year later that they are still smoke-free (those are the variables I use to determine my “success rate”). Be suspect of anyone who tells you their success rate for smoking or other issues is 100%. You cannot guarantee human behavior no matter how great the “tool” you use to help people change is! This kind of work depends on both the skill, expertise & adaptability of the practitioner as well as the commitment, beliefs, subconscious programming, and actions of the client.

Do You Take Insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are way behind the times and do not compensate for hypnosis sessions. What you would pay would be an out-of-pocket expense. You can, however, often submit your session fees in your medical expenses deductions on your taxes (ask me for documentation about your services to keep with your records). And for business coaching, you can write off our sessions as an education or marketing expense. However, remember that for many types of issues (like weight loss and smoking cessation), the work we do pays for itself many times over!

I Want a Free Consultation. What Do I Do Next?

You have 3 options:

Option 1–Book a Convenient Date/Time for the Free 1-hour Consultation

  • Book it yourself on line by clicking on the blue “BOOK VIRTUAL CONSULTATION” button or “BOOK OFFICE CONSULTATION” button below. On the new page, click on the “The Coaching Center” option for in-office or “Your location” for virtual. Next, choose the date/time from the options shown and fill in your details.
  • In-office appointments are currently by approval only and subject to COVID-19 safety protocols. Virtual appointments are by Zoom or phone and save time, travel and hassle, so we encourage you to select this option.
  • You will be asked to submit a bank or credit card through a secure link to reserve that appointment time; a $50 no-show fee will be charged if you do not attend your appointment or cancel/reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  • Upon approval of booking, an email will be sent to you with details to prepare for the consultation. (Check your Spam folder or the “Update” tab in GMail). This includes an online questionnaire to complete within 24 hours, instructions to review some important FAQ about my methods, such as hypnosis and EFT, and details to show up for the appointment on the phone, Zoom, or in the office.


Option 2–Book a 15-minute Consultation Interest Chat

  • Not sure if you’re ready to book the free 1-hour yet or if it’s right for you? Book a time for a 15-minute phone call first. Click on the blue “BOOK CONSULT CHAT” button below then choose the Consultation Chat option by clicking the “Book now” link underneath that. Next, choose the date/time from the options shown and fill in your details.
  • Look for an email approving/confirming the booking. I will call you at the phone number you provided at the time of the appointment.


Option 3–Call My Office Directly

  • Scheduling a Consultation Chat is encouraged, to avoid phone tag. However, you can call my office at 757-828-7960. If you get voice mail, leave a message with your name, phone # and what issue you would like help with; we’ll get back with you by the end of the day or sooner, in most cases.

Educate Yourself Now About My Services

Click on this link to watch a YouTube video explanation from a colleague about how hypnosis works. He talks about smoking cessation, but all the information is still relevant).

Visit my Services Page to learn more about the various neurocognitive approaches I use. Having this general understanding about all the techniques I use (Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, LBEP, Positive Intelligence) will save us some time in the consultation and allow you to ask targeted and relevant questions regarding these techniques, if you have any, and which you might be interested in exploring.

Testimonials and Reviews

If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest you visit the rest of the pages of my website to learn more about me, my business, and my past clients’ successes. Here are just some of the hundreds of testimonials my clients have shared.

Free Resources

You can also sign up for some great free resources such as my “Deep Peace” hypnosis audio to experience guided hypnosis and various hypnotic techniques to see how you respond.

I look forward to meeting and assisting you.

Your partner in success,

What do you have to lose–except those unwanted habits or unsatisfactory experiences?