Consultation for Weight Loss/Eating Habits

Congratulations and thank you for booking your FREE Consultation with me!

The next step is to download the following documents to prepare for your Consultation.  Click on the links below to access and complete 1) the Questionnaire and 2) the Limiting Beliefs Assessment. Send to me electronically as attachments, or print, complete & bring with you to your appointment.

General Issues Questionnaire
Limiting Beliefs Assessment
Eye Roll Test–Download and review for phone consultation (must do with a partner to get your # or take a selfie and look at your eye roll)

Directions to Office
Directions to office (follow these vs. your GPS during AM or PM rush hour)

Supporting Articles
Let’s get real about WHY YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT NOW
How Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss

Make sure to complete Step 2 on Consultation Page (deposit payment) after you download your paperwork, along with Step 4 (see below).

Step 4–Educate Yourself About My Services*
Before your consultation, click on this link to watch a YouTube video explanation from a colleague about how hypnosis works. Also visit my Services Page to learn more about my other techniques. Having this general understanding about all the techniques I use (Hypnosis, NLP and EFT) will save us some time in the consultation and allow you to ask targeted and relevant questions regarding these techniques, if you have any. *DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest you visit the rest of the pages of my website to learn more about me, Life by Design, LLC/The Coaching Center for MindTraining & Success, and my past clients. You can also sign up for some great free resources I’ve created to help you with your goals.