Stop Smoking Mental Conditioning Audio


Reprogram your mind to change your negative habits and thoughts and instill lasting, positive changes in your life!

These state-of-the art hypnosis recordings combine soothing music, theta-inducing binary audio tones, and powerful statements and imagery to evoke a deep subconscious state and activate the other-than-conscious mechanisms of the brain to absorb and respond to safe, helpful and effective suggestions for making changes to the way you think, act, and respond.

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This 4-track CD can help you stop smoking — even if:

  • You have tried and failed with gums, patches, prescriptions and/or willpower
  • You have been smoking for 50 years
  • You smoke 2 or more packs a day
  • You think you are addicted to nicotine
  • You are afraid you will gain weight if you stop smoking

“Stop Smoking Made Easy” can help you stop smoking and be smoke-free Without withdrawal — Without irritability Without weight gain — Without going back!

Four tracks: 1. Introduction to Mental Conditioning (7:28) Understand the process of learning, and conditioning the mind to speed learning, break old habits, and create new ones.

2. Relax Into Life (18:00) Move through your day relaxed and confident, even around difficult people and in difficult situations, and reduce the stress response that has caused you to reach for a cigarette.

3. Your Smoke-Free Future (25:30) End the tug-of-war between the part of you that wants to stop smoking and the part of you that wants to hold on to the habit. Stop the struggle and create a win-win scenario that allows you to be tobacco-free without inner conflict.

4. Stop Smoking Without Weight Gain (20:58) People often substitute food for the cigarette. This process will reinforce healthy eating habits and condition your mind to engage in positive activities in place of smoking that won’t gain weight.