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Procrastination Buster

Sampler (The “Mini”

Version of My Popular 

Full-Version Toolkit)

> Stop stressing!

> Stop looking bad!

> Stop losing time!

> Stop losing opportunity!


Procrastination is the #1 killer of success. Don’t kill your business–or your dreams–due to a habit of procrastination!

Let’s be honest. We ALL procrastinate on things from time to time. It’s human nature. And sometimes it’s helpful or necessary. There’s always going to be some amount of procrastination in your life.

But when you procrastinate on the really important things–the tasks or projects that have very negative consequences if not completed or by a certain time, or those that will bring you more of what you say you want (like health, happiness, money, helping others)–or when procrastination causes you to stress out by doing things at the last minute, miss out on advantageous opportunities, impact others in a negative way, or affect the quality of the work you finally do produce–that’s when it is detrimental.

And when procrastination becomes a habit, you will find it hard to break free of the pattern. 

This “mini version” of my Procrastination Buster Toolkit contains several of the elements of the paid version, which have been extracted from years of helping clients–as well as myself–diminish detrimental procrastination and instill action-oriented thoughts, emotions and behaviors in its place.


“It has been a great experience working with Lisa. She has helped me to set
clearer goals, stay focused, and most importantly, learn strategites to conquer
procrastination. I would recommend Lisa and her methods to anyone who is
looking for a boost in the right direction.”

Paul Ariola, Dale Carnegie Training


“I came to see Lisa to reduce or eliminate my habit of procrastinating from doing
work. It was really starting to have a negative impact on my business. I always
thought that I had to “make” myself do things even if I didn’t wnt to or they seemed
hard. Dealing with this issues seemd like something that I should be able to
overcome on my own, but it was too hard and I never could do it.

The hypnosis and EFT were the most effective. I felt immediate improvement, even
after only one session. Although I still procrastinate from time to time, I am much,
much better than I ever was before. I also know if it gest out of hand again, I can
start listening to my hypnosis CDs and use the EFT to get it under control.”

Jeremy D., Lawyer


“I have seen measureable progress in my producticity and procrastination using
the processes you’ve given me to correct it. My staff’s productivity has increased,
too, as a result of my productivity and clear direction improving. I feel less
overwhelmed and am spending fewer hours in the day with tasks, so I’m able to
leave the office by 6PM, which has freed up my time for social activities. I’m also
making more of my sales calls–even to the “big fish” I once felt intimidated to call!”

Brodie Leap, Financial Advisor


This Mini Toolkit Contains:






=> PDF Report: “Understanding and Breaking Free of Procrastination” ($20 Value)

=> 9-Day E-Course: “25 Top Ways to Get & Stay Motivated” ($30 Value)

=> MP3: “Moving thru’ Procrastination to Success” Hypnosis^ ($50 Value)


In addition to the items above, you will also receive a “seat” for my BONUS Live Q&A Call on February 25th from 4-5 PM ($150 value). This call will give you the opportunity to personally ask me any questions you may have about the material after you’ve had some time to use and apply it, share your experiences and successes, hear ideas from others who successfully used any of the ideas or techniques, and find out how you can take this work further.


The total value of this Procrastination Buster Toolkit is $250. But for a limited time through VBHotDeals, you can have all of these Procrastination-Busting Tools for Just $49!

But you must request your Kit by February 20 at midnight to be registered for the Live Q&A call on February 25. After that, the Toolkit will still be available, but the Q&A registration will be closed.


Don’t let the procrastination clock keep ticking away the time you procrastination clockcould be using to make a real impact in your life and your business!


^The mental conditioning techniques used in this series are combined with highly advanced and proven technology for conditioning the brain for optimal learning. Listening to this safe, relaxing, and powerful process as directed for 30 days can help you break the habits that have kept you from accomplishing your goals.

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