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“I came to Lisa to help me with an obstacle I couldn’t overcome in my goal to be healthy–drinking water. But I got so much more!
I have become a different person. Tapping and hypnosis together has lowered my anxiety. My self-esteem has improved so much that other people have noticed a change in me. [Now I know] my thoughts and ideas have value and I feel free to share both.
I have gone way beyond my goal of drinking more water. I discovered that my past was still controlling my present. Through hypnosis, tapping and the Lefkoe method, I have truly been able to forgive past hurts and I have gone from always anticipating the negative to a person that strives to find the positive in every situation. I’ve learned to change my constant worry into doing what I can concretely do and handing the rest over to GOD.”
Sharon Girardi, Age 62 
Retired, Virginia Beach, VA

I sought Lisa’s help to deal with a mountain of family stress topped off with a recent layoff. She introduced me to hypnotherapy and tapping. I noticed an immediate reduction in stress with just one round of tapping. It’s a simple technique that quickly helped me gain perspective and remain optimistic. In the first few weeks of hypnotherapy, several family members mentioned hearing a difference in my voice, noting my overall tone was was much lighter and I seemed much happier. They were right and all it took was my commitment to follow Lisa’s advice and instruction. She was diligent with follow-up, but not pushy. Your success is her success so it truly felt like a partnership. I’d recommend working with Lisa no matter if you feel you’re in dire need of help or if you’re just looking for tools and guidance to overcome the challenges you’re facing.
Laura L.  Virginia Beach, VA 

This has been the best money I’ve ever spent. All of the tools — hypnosis, EFT, readings, completing lists and review forms — have been invaluable. I also felt “heard” and understood, and that you had a way of highlighting or phrasing things that helped overcome my resistance and fears. I am really amazed at the progress I’ve made over the past 6 months, especially considering I have been in and out of traditional psychotherapy for the past 20 years.
Though it’s hard to measure, the epiphany I had about self-respect was momentous, and that came about as a result of the work we were doing together. I have also made significant progress in setting boundaries with others and being mindful of self-care. There has been a huge increase in my feelings of self-esteem and self-worth, and my ability to be happy in my own skin, even when alone. I’ve also pushed myself to get out of my “comfort zone” and to try new things, including joining social groups and now taking on a new job opportunity.
Stacie  Norfolk, VA  December 2014

UPDATE April 2015:

Things are going really well for me. I feel like something inside me shifted dramatically, and I am no longer the same person I was — in a good way. My standards for other people have risen, and I am far more comfortable setting boundaries the moment I feel like something is “off” with a man. I finally feel like, my sexuality is too valuable to be given away freely. I never thought I would hear myself say that, or believe it.

March 29 marked three months since I quit smoking! I continue to listen to my hypnosis processes almost every day, and have signed up with a trainer at the gym three times per week. So far I have lost 6 lbs.! I feel confident, motivated, and happy with the decisions I am making to take care of myself. Now that I have done so much of the “inner work,” I feel like I have the energy and resources to devote to the weight loss piece.

Most of all, I feel much more secure and comfortable in my own skin. All aspects of my psychological well-being have improved – my self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth. I feel like the changes that have occurred are lasting. I truly feel like a completely different person.

Thank you again, Lisa. I know none of this would have happened without my six months with you and all the wisdom and resources you shared. It was really the best thing I could have done for myself, and I am so thrilled with the person I am becoming.


Oh my gosh! Did I EVER sleep last night! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!
It was AWESOME! I feel great today! INCREDIBLE! First morning I got up singing in a LONG time!
Thanks and have a great day!
Jacki Gerber  Virginia Beach, VA


Before I started working with Lisa, I felt like I was running around in circles putting out fires and reacting instead of planning. Unorganized and unable to focus clearly on anything, I kept falling into the same old routine – which is what I was trying to get control of. I would just become exhausted and feel quite defeated in all aspects of my business and personal life. I was in desperate need of restructuring my business, getting focused, and determining the best direction for my business…in other words, I needed to regain control over my life….
I came to Lisa in need of coaching and it turned out to be the exact thing I needed in order to regain control! She keeps me focused, has given me techniques to help me move into a positive, productive direction. I am slowly taking small steps towards large goals until they have been completed.
In addition to the guidance from coaching, I have used hypnosis, EFT, and other techniques Lisa has taught me to enhance my results. Each added element seems to build on the previous and helps me to gain more control over all aspects of my life. These techniques are irreplaceable – I can’t imagine not utilizing each of them in my daily life.
I’ve gone back to my journaling (that she taught me to stick to), and seeing where I was 3 years ago and where I am now it’s quite amazing. I know I could not have made the progress in my business and my personal life without her help and guidance.
I am now confident that I can achieve whatever goals I choose as long as I follow Lisa’s techniques and keep taking consistent steps toward them.
I highly recommend Lisa to anyone – and I have!
Missy Marcus, 49
Owner, MMA Professional Bookkeeping Services

The desire to workout is definitely there now. Thanks again for the great recording. You have a soothing voice and I enjoy listening to it!
Kasia Rachfall  B.C. Canada

I came to see Lisa to reduce or eliminate my habit of procrastinating from doing work. It was really starting to have a negative impact on my business. I always thought that I had to “make” myself do things even if I didn’t want to or they seemed hard. Dealing with this issue seemed like something that I should be able to overcome on my own, but, it was too hard and I never could do it.
Working with Lisa gave me the encouragement and tools necessary to help fight the habit. She taught me time management strategies, hypnosis, and EFT. The hypnosis and EFT were the most effective. I felt immediate improvement, even after only one session. Although I still procrastinate from time to time, I am much, much better than I ever was before. I also know if it gets out of hand again, I can start listening to my hypnosis CDs and use the EFT to get it under control.
Lisa provides a lot of information, giving you the tools you need to succeed in changing how your mind thinks. The whole process is very professional—not in any way cheesy or mystical or hokie. Lisa is very understanding; she doesn’t judge and doesn’t have any biases. She truly seems to care about making a lasting impact and change. I would highly recommend using her services.
Jeremy, 31  Virginia Beach, VA

Prior to working with Lisa as a business coach, I had been spinning my wheels in all directions trying to figure out which strategies would be most beneficial in order to advance my Virtual Assistant business. I had no clue and felt like I was just feeling my way in the dark with no specific goal or direction.
I had observed Lisa helping many others regain direction, not only in business but in their personal lives as well. She had already helped me kick the habit of smoking (smoke-free since March of 2009) so I decided to give her a chance to see what she could do to help me be more focused and decide what direction I needed to grow my business.
She has given me various tools to use in order to remain focused…many specific ideas and steps I needed to implement in order to see a major change in my company. I was a tad skeptical at first, but through her help and direction, I have seen a noticeable increase in people wanting to know more and asking my advice on their own businesses!
I highly recommend Lisa to anyone needing focus…personally or professionally.
Debra Gorham
CEO, Virtual Reality

After feeling stagnant for years, not only with my career direction but also in my personal life, I decided I had to do something to make a change or I was going nowhere. I was not being held accountable by anyone, not even myself. I was unable to focus on any one particular thing to pursue. I was unable to get motivated which frustrated me even more. I needed to become more disciplined, learn how to set goals.

I decided to give Lisa a try and she changed my life around completely!
From our very first meeting, Lisa was very attentive and listened to what I had to say very intently. By doing so, she was able to tap into what drives, excites and motivates me in order to have that as a focal point. By focusing on how I felt when I did accomplish goals I would set, it added to my enthusiasm and motivation in achieving them.
She suggested I start out setting some short-term goals and she had me write them down. She helped me understand that by not only thinking about them, but actually seeing them written down, it would give me the motivation I needed to achieve them and serves as a reminder as to where I want to be. From the list I began, I have been able to accomplish most of them over the past 30-60 days!
What I did not expect to happen was the excitement I feel now that I know what drives and inspires me! I get excited just talking about the feeling of accomplishment and that just adds to my ability to take action.
I highly recommend that anyone who needs that breakthrough but are not sure how to go about it, work with Lisa to at least find out what’s holding you back and how you can get past it. Lisa, you have opened an entirely new life for me, and I’ve already begun writing my book.
MRB – Norfolk, VA; Age 24; Assistant Project Manager

I just wanted to take a minute and give you a little feedback from our session last night. When I left your office, I had a bit of a headache, but I felt extremely calm and collected. I went home and had a bunch of kids over and the house was a mess which would normally throw me into a whirlwind, but instead I felt very peaceful and calm and instead of screaming at my kids, I talked to them calmly. Then even with as tired as I was, I immediately started doing a few chores in an orderly manner and without anxiety. I even went to bed without all of it being done and I didn’t care or feel panic about it (I felt content with what I had accomplished). I don’t know if all that has anything to do with anything, but I can definitely tell you that I haven’t had that happen in years and it feels just like it did years ago. I felt content and in control – I even have a game plan for all the things I want to get done this weekend and I don’t feel overwhelmed like I normally would.
Today at work – I don’t feel overly joyful or mad – I am just at peace and I am doing things in an orderly fashion and not feeling spazzed. I even had a conversation with a co-worker for 30 minutes about her personal life (which I never do cause I get distracted and cant pay attention for more than 2 minutes) and was able to completely listen to her and soak in everything she was saying – I didn’t get side tracked or distracted once – that in and of itself felt great and rewarding that I was able to take the time and energy to rebuild that relationship with her.
Also – I listened to the CD last night and I am pretty sure I went into that state we talked about because I lost time and then all of the sudden I hear you counting so that was exciting for me.
Melissa Ashcraft, Virginia Beach

I was in a job that was highly demanding and stressful. I knew I needed to move on, perhaps even start my own business, but I just didn’t have the confidence to do so. To me, quitting the job translated into failure.
I had tried to get past how I felt by trying to maintain a positive attitude, however each day I dreaded going to work. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with how my life was going and didn’t know where else to turn.
I considered hypnosis, and though skeptical, I knew I HAD to at least give it a try. After leaving Lisa’s office on that very first day, after just one session, I felt such a sense of relief…as if a weight was being lifted. I felt much more relaxed and confident. So much so, that I quit that stressful job within the very first week of seeing Lisa! I couldn’t have made that move without her.
I can reinforce the sessions whenever I want with the CD’s Lisa gave me after each session. She also taught me a quick technique I can do on my own to eliminate negative emotions when they come up–I’m amazed at how it worked! I’m able to keep my confidence up and do what is necessary to move forward in my life with growing my own business.
Lisa changed my life! I am much happier than I have been in quite some time! Even if you are skeptical, at least give her a try. You will be amazed at how she can help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. Thanks Lisa–I couldn’t have done it without you!!!
Pansy Smith Dailey, Owner
Dailey Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions
Virginia Beach, VA

I just wanted to thank you again for the sessions [for motivation and direction with my new career]. I feel really good about the direction my life is heading in and look forward to accomplishing my goals. Good luck and continued success with your practice. You’re a truly talented professional.
Paul Emig, Virginia Beach, VA  February 2007

  UPDATE October 2007:

Hi Lisa, I had some hypnosis sessions with you back in January. We concentrated on keeping me focused on my art endeavors with the possibility of me completing enough work this year to get into a festival. [I’m happy to tell you that] I will be in the Stockley Gardens Art Festival in Norfolk next weekend. If you’re free that weekend, stop by the festival.


Lisa, I would be more than happy for you to use my name to vouch for the virtues of hypnotherapy with you. I would consider it a compliment. A week after I received the CD you made for me I forgot to take my anxiety medication because I didn’t feel anxious!
I continue to see an improvement in my anxiety level in various ways. My husband is going away again soon and actually feeling good in spite of the upcoming deployment. I also find that if I have a migraine and listen to the CD, it resolves itself or greatly dissipates by the end of the CD. The reinforcement is so helpful. I’m able to drive to where I need to go without feeling panicked–even places I’m not familiar with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Heather Bates, Carrollton, VA

Being extremely needle phobic, my first chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor was a disaster. I cried, hyperventilated, and passed out. So, I decided to try hypnotherapy with Lisa. The session was fantastic! I felt very relaxed throughout the session and it actually worked! Since then, every treatment and blood drawing has been as easy as chewing gum. Lisa also gave suggestions for getting my appetite and strength back. She encouraged me in my desire to get my life back to “normal.” I thank Lisa and her techniques for helping me overcome my phobia.
C. Coyle, Ashland, MA 

I came to Lisa to help me alleviate my fear of flying. I flew by myself from Norfolk to California the day after my second hypnosis session and even though there was some turbulence, I remained calm; my seat-mate even made a comment at how calm I appeared through it all. I was able to have a wonderful visit with my daughter and know I can see her again whenever I want to thanks to the sessions I did with Lisa.
Mary Keywood, Virginia Beach, VA


I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. My surgeon told me I needed the usual surgery and chemotherapy, but they also mentioned hypnotherapy. I had no idea what this even was, much less believed I could receive any benefit from it. After all, I had family and friends around me offering me love and support – what else did I need? It wasn’t long after I began not being able to sleep. During the day, I had people around to keep my mind off things, but at night I just had my own worrisome thoughts.
My sister, who had recently met Lisa, not only encouraged me to see her…but also gave a session to me as a gift. I went with NO expectations and doubted any benefit. Upon meeting Lisa, we began comfortably talking about “me”. After talking with her, she had me close my eyes and relax while she verbally painted me on a beautiful island surrounded by water and “zzzzzzzzzz” – I was OUT!
The next thing I knew I was waking up. She recorded all she was saying while I “relaxed” so I could play it for myself at anytime. She used our earlier conversation for mental healing techniques and positive imagery — customized just for me. I fell asleep listening to it nightly and would listen to it any time during the day if I needed a boost of optimism.
The doctors were physically fixing me while I was helping my mental well-being with the CD. I still love that recording. Virginia Oncology Association now mentions hypnotherapy in their brochures.
If you want help and positives in your life or if you know someone who is struggling and unsure how you can help – give the gift of Lisa.
A session with her makes a unique and awesome gift! I am truly a believer in hypnotherapy!
Marianne Kelly, Hampton Roads, VA

It may sound dramatic, but I tell people that Lisa saved my life. I came to her just after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Obviously, it was a scary time for me. I did 3 sessions with Lisa over a year’s time. The first one helped me to instill a positive attitude and envision my healing, plus help me relax so I could get to sleep. The second one was a process I used to prepare for my surgery to be more relaxed through the procedure and need less anesthesia, control my bleeding, lessen the shock on my body, improve the healing afterward, and decrease pain. I had experienced general anesthesia many years ago and remember waking up cold, scared and feeling out-of-control. Using Lisa’s CDs, I woke up from surgery relaxed, warm, alert, hungry and wanting to use the bathroom. I had almost no post-surgical pain.
The last CD she recorded for me was focused on moving past the disease and instilling visions of a healthy future, letting go of the fear created with the whole experience and gaining the lesson. All 3 sessions helped me go through the experience better than I think I would have otherwise.
If you’re going through something like this, I would highly recommend working with Lisa.
Louise Cheo, Virginia Beach, VA

Being extremely needle phobic, my first chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor was a disaster. I cried, hyperventilated, and passed out. So, I decided to try hypnotherapy with Lisa. The session was fantastic! I felt very relaxed throughout the session and it actually worked! Since then, every treatment and blood drawing has been as easy as chewing gum. Lisa also gave suggestions for getting my appetite and strength back. She encouraged me in my desire to get my life back to “normal.” I thank Lisa and her techniques for helping me.
C. Coyle, Ashland, MA

I was turned to hypnotherapy because I get horrible migraine headaches, and I wanted to see if there was any way that I could modify or manage the pain without using expensive medicines. Being very skeptical at first, I did not think that hypnosis would be as successful as I would have liked. My first session with Lisa Smith was not only educational, but taught me how to reach a deeper sense within myself and helped me relieve the pressure and pain that migraines cause. I was especially impressed with Lisa’s soothing relaxation techniques. She works with you to assist you with reaching a state of total relaxation.
Soon after this session with Lisa, I was struck with another migraine. I was unable to locate any of my medication so I said to myself, “Use the techniques that you learned from the hypnotherapy session.” I slowly but surely put myself into a state of relaxation and the pain lessened significantly. This is coming from someone who was a true skeptic. I am convinced now that hypnotherapy works.
Susan Williams, Athens, GA

I’m happy to have this opportunity to express my gratitude to Lisa Smith for her timely help when I was experiencing an impending wisdom tooth extraction. I was very fearful, since my prior dentist had first tried to fill the partially exposed tooth. She was very supportive and worked with me to cope with my anxiety. Lisa made a hypnosis audio tape personally for me. I listened to it often prior to oral surgery and the results were amazing both for me and the dentist. Even though it was a very difficult extraction, I was relaxed and healing was swift. I appreciate Lisa’s individual attention, soothing voice, and her expertise–it’s very assuring to know she is available to help ALL in ALL situations.
Marie Walker, Newton, MA

I was facing breast surgery for cancer and was feeling nervous about the procedure as well as being under anesthesia. In order to minimize my anxiety I asked Lisa Smith to do a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with me. She counseled with me to find out what I needed for my healing. She then created a recording that was tailored to my needs. I listened to the tape every day. I went into the surgery feeling very calm and peaceful. I did not need any pre-op medication to relax me.
In our second session, we discussed my outcome goals for my radiation treatments and visualizations for getting the most benefit and least negative side effects from the radiation. She made a recording of the session, which I used before, during, and after my weekly radiation treatments. I am happy to say the surgery and treatments were successful. Lisa created a safe and confidential environment in which I could express myself. She was thoughtful and focused during our sessions. She also followed up afterward to see how I was doing. She has a high level of integrity, which I believe is important for this type of service.
Mary McCulloch, Arlington, MA

In addition to cravings and eating habits, Lisa also helped me several years ago, preparing me for gall bladder surgery. We did hypnosis and visualization techniques (and again she made a tape specifically for me, that I could listen to repeatedly) to prepare me before the surgery, and another for the healing afterward. I was able to use a minimal amount of pain meds immediately following surgery, and nothing more than some Tylenol after that. My surgeon was amazed at how rapidly I healed–he was able to remove the stitches earlier than anticipated, and I was working out at the gym 6 days later. Thanks, Lisa!!
Ginny McCall, Pahrump, NV


I highly recommend Lisa Smith as the hypnotist of choice for anyone working in the health care profession, whether personal or patient/client referral. She is one of the best in her field. I have worked in the mental health field for over 15 years and have utilized her services from both standpoints–as a client to stop smoking and as a clinician to help create and record hypnosis processes for a variety of conditions.
Caroline M. Schloss, Clinical Psychologist, Knott’s Island, NC