Exercise Motivator Audio


Reprogram your mind to change your negative habits and thoughts and instill lasting, positive changes in your life!

These state-of-the art hypnosis recordings combine soothing music, theta-inducing binary audio tones, and powerful statements and imagery to evoke a deep subconscious state and activate the other-than-conscious mechanisms of the brain to absorb and respond to safe, helpful and effective suggestions for making changes to the way you think, act, and respond.

“Wake Up Energized to Exercise” Is exercise a 4-letter word to you? Do you have a hard time getting up and out of bed in the morning? Do you often go to bed with the intention to get up early and start your day with exercise, but find yourself hitting snooze several times instead? Is exercise something that you can never seem to fit in during your day?

Then this process is perfect for you!

Use this process to get you started for the day or as a way to boost your motivation to exercise at any time. Listening is sure to rev you up and instill a positive attitude about moving your body–even in the morning!

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