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Customized Services

No two people are the same. A “cookie cutter” approach to helping you change what you want to change will probably fail. Haven’t you been there before?I offer a free consultation (in person or by phone/skype) to gather information about your individual goals, needs, and situation to make a better assessment about the number of sessions, techniques, and timeframe I would recommend to help you achieve the results you’re looking for, along with the program options and fees I offer (I do not charge by the hour, so fees will vary based on your situation).

My services include coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, nutrition education (for weight loss, stress), and other resources and techniques that I feel would best suit your needs as we work together.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone or in person (depending upon client’s location and schedule).

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Hypnosis is a perfectly safe, relaxing technique that can benefit anyone. It is simply a focused state of awareness. This accesses the ultimate means of heightening motivation by programming your subconscious (reflective) mind to work in cooperation with your conscious (reactive) mind to achieve desired results.

You’re already familiar with hypnosis, although you may not realize it. You go through this altered state of consciousness at least twice a day–when you are crossing over into sleep and when you are waking up. People who do not understand hypnosis are often wary or skeptical of it. They think of it as entertainment, magic, or some mystical form of control.

In reality, meditation, yoga, prayer, and repetitive/focused tasks result in the same altered state of awareness. Anyone who can concentrate for a few moments and use their imagination can learn self-hypnosis. Kids are great at it!

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Watch this 9-minute video explanation about hypnosis from a colleague on YouTube: click here for video


Watch my soothing 10-minute hypnosis relaxation video on YouTube. (Thanks to my talented MasterMind partner, Suzanne Ledo, of Magical Possibilities, for putting great visuals to my audio).

Examples of situations best suited to hypnosis only: Smoking/tobacco cessation; preparing for surgical/dental procedures, fears & phobias; nail biting, hair pulling, and other annoying habits.

Although hypnotic receptivity, reaction, and feedback can be better monitored when conducted in person (and would be required in cases such as substance dependency), I can discuss your needs over the phone (30 minutes) and make a personalized CD recording to send to you, which would include information specific to your needs, values, processing systems, and motivation for change.


Here’s the conference call information to listen to the teleclass:

Dial (641) 527-4206   When prompted, enter the access code: 1857158#  then the recording number: 010408#.  If you encounter any problems with this, please let me know.